Anonymous asked:
Can you post another intake?

Sure, this is yesterday:

Blueberry danio and a banana

Carrot with humous

Pitta stuffed with fried quorn chicken pieces, fried green beans and humous

Strawberry shortcake Ben and jerrys frozen Greek yoghurt


Toast with PB

Stir fried quorn and courgette and mushrooms

2 gin and tonics

4 glasses of white wine

Small bowl of toffee crisp cereal

Pitta and humous

Kettle chips and humous

Sorry for being a monotonous humous-eating weirdo. I am actually going to stop eating it when I finish the current tub.

I’m on to my third tub of humous in 5 days. I must stop after this one. I’ve had humous for lunch every day this week! And for snacks! Oh dear. 

Pic from last night. It was really fun ;)

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This is to celebrate my recovery so far and to thank all you wonderful people on tumblr.


Must be following me beccarediscoversbecca (I will check)

Must be willing to give me your address

Recovery blogs only can enter

Finishes 20th OF MAY (to mark my 6 months into recovery)

Reblog/like to enter.

You can reblog as many times as you want but please be considerate of your followers.

I will choose a winner using a random name generator.


My favourite treats -
3 nakd bars
2 nature valley bars
A Cadbury bar
A Kitkat
An Aero
Mini Eggs
2 yoyo bear rolls

My favourite hot drinks -
6 hot chocolate sachets
4 different sachets of tea
A packet of standard tea

Self care -
A hand warmer
A packet of tissues
Plasters (Disney princess of course)
A bath bomb
A face mask

Books -
Peter Pan (the BEST book for distracting)
A notepad


(Also I will ship anywhere :))

update on my life

I have decided what I want to do with my life. I want to be a psychologist. Probably a clinical one and work with adolescents, but maybe a criminal psychologist. I just love the brain. 

I wish I’d decided this before doing a degree though because I have to do a conversion course before I can apply to proper clinical psychology school, and that sounds lame and hard. 

On the bright side I’m having a gathering tonight ;) my friends are gonna come over and some of them can never met Mikey because I know him from uni and these are my home friends, so that should be exciting. 

Anonymous asked:
Who do you most want to meet of tumblr? Who have you already met?

I have met Hana (thelifeofhana) and she is lovely. I would be happy to meet any of the people I talk to, maybe particularly Hannah, Etta and (other) Beth.

Just went all the way to the Chinese embassy in bank to get my visa and they said I had to have booked an appointment, which it hadn’t said on the website! So frustrating! So I bought this foundation to cheer me up.

I like to pretend I am fine, now. I look at chocolate cakes and proclaim how delicious they taste while discussing my newfound love of pasta.
I allow my scars to heal and drown my bones in warm flesh, refusing to be the friend who can’t decide if she wants to keep herself alive this week.
I run in circles and shout how fine I am when I need you more now than I ever have.

Sarah T, healthy is when I need you most 

Nothing speaks to me more than this post, holy crap.

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intake as promised

I’ve eaten today by kind of snacking all day and then having a big dinner, so a  bit weird, but what I felt like. And I have no idea of the calories! Woohoo!

danio yoghurt and a banana

last with humous and brocolli

broccoli and humous

3 crackers with nutella

pistachio mini magnum

3 carrots with humous


maryland cookie

glass of prossecco 

seafood and vegetable paella

2 glasses of white wine

half a piece of carrot cake, half a brownie, half a piece of apple cake (all form Gail’s Bakery <3)

2 ferrero Rocher