Anonymous asked:
How was Easter?

Three people have asked me this!?!?!

It was lovely, thanks. We had a really big, long lunch with loads of people and wine. Then me and Mikey ate crisps and chocolate in bed and watched Hannibal. It was perf. 


I’ve been so hungry this morning and have eaten loads of food according to my appetite and now I have to go out for lunch with a firmed (Well at 2) and I’m nervous because I already ate so much. 

Apparently you’re never too old to only receive water chocolate shaped like animals

Anonymous asked:
Are you doing anything for Easter?

We are having loads of people over for Sunday lunch including my grandma, aunts, cousins, friends from Thailand and Mikey. Easter is quieter a big thing for us because my family is catholic. I have made a cake for dessert!

Chocolate and coffee cake 🍰

Anonymous asked:
D you have any good recovery blogs to recommend for me?

um I follow lots of lovely blogs but the ones I check regularly are


Water Lilies, 1917 ~ Claude Monet

Anonymous asked:
Did you homemade your crumble?

my mum made it

Anonymous asked:
how has everyone got clever cookies but me :( what is it like??

Ah I don’t understand the hype to be honest. It’s nothing on Cookie dough or chocolate fudge brownie. It’s too sweet with not enough cookie. Don’t worry about not having it.

Anonymous asked:
Where did you buy your dress?

Topshop basement ❤️