I found out last night that the exam I expected to be on friday is actually today. Haha. Oh well at least its over sooner ;)

Oh and it’s really nice to be back in Oxford and seeing my friends, we spent the whole of yesterday evening catching up in the kitchen it was really fun. Although we do have a shocking mouse infestation that kept me up all night.

Something I have to say

I am so proud of how much I have achieved in terms of recovery this Easter holiday.
When I came back from uni 5 weeks ago I was underweight, I counted calories every day and though I didn’t weigh myself often I thought about doing so and always did.
Now, on my way back to oxford, I haven’t counted calories for weeks, I’m a healthy bmi, I haven’t weighed myself for weeks and probably won’t ever again. I love my body most of the time just because it’s mine.
I think this might have something to do with a comment my mum made at the beginning of the holidays about how well I was doing and how this might be the end of recovery. Of course she was unaware of what was going on in my head and was just judging on what I eat and how I look, but I assessed my life and realised that I didn’t want this to be the end of recovery, there was more I wanted I accomplish before I could call myself fully recovered.
I can say, now, that I am closer to recovery than ever.
I honestly don’t care what mark I get for my exam on Friday because nothing could make me feel more successful than I do right now.

Anonymous asked:
Can you post today's intake please? I hope your day was fun also!

Haha, since you asked so nicely, and because it was an epic intake. I knew all day that I would be going out for a big dinner and didn’t restrict at all!

Danio cherry yoghurt and a banana

Some of my Lindt chocolate bunny

Chocolate cake mix

Quorn and vegetable black bean stir fry with noodles


Loads of praline ganache

Strawberries and raspberries

Large fancy cocktail (do not even know what was in it apart from blackberry infused gin)

Slice of sour dough bread

Raw vegetables with an olive oil dressing, pesto and Caesar sauce

Roasted cod with cockles, butter, cauliflower and some other stuff

Glass of red wine

Slice of apple tart tatin with vanilla ice cream

One quarter of a chocolate molleux

Glass of champagne

Slice of my kinder bueno cake

Wow was so ready to stop eating after dessert but we got back to Mikey’s house and his parents insisted that he have cake and champagne on his birthday even though everyone was exhausted and full.

I made Mikey a kinder bueno cake. I think ongoing to throw up. Just ate so much of the icing…

Anonymous asked:
What are you doing today?

Well it’s Mikey’s birthday (he’s 21 aaah) so I’m going over to his in the afternoon, and then we’re going out for dinner somewhere in mayfair with his family (yum).

Before that… I need to shower, pack for uni as I’m leaving tomorrow and maybe but probably not revise.

Anonymous asked:
What do you study and do you enjoy it?

I study philosophy and theology, I enjoy it sometimes but its also a challenge and a lot of work. I’d like to have more time to do the work that I have because then I might be less stressed and enjoy it more. 

my favourite flowers and colour of them

Anonymous asked:
Do you have only a piece of toast?

Are you really asking this? I find these questions so ridiculous. I have as much toast as I want! I don’t care why do you? If I write that I just had one then I had one! If I write two, I had two!

Go and find something more interesting to care about in your life please!

Anonymous asked:
can you post today's intake?

Sure, I am finally full after being hungry all day:

Passionfruit danio yoghurt with a banana

Toast with butter and marmalade

Giant plate of salads (couscous, lentils, coleslaw etc.)

Vanilla ice cream with an espresso shot

Bread with jam


Some of my chocolate caterpillar egg

Another plate of salads (all leftovers from yesterday) plus scrambled eggs, green beans and ketchup

2 forrero rocher

Wispa hot chocolate

edit: 4 crackers with PB

❤️ affogato